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What Might Your Scores Mean?

There are three scores on a scale of 0-10. One for each of the three core areas: embracing change, instigating change, and absorbing change.

A score below 5 indicates that you would like your relationship with that area (embracing, instigating, absorbing) to improve. Perhaps you are struggling with the changing seasons, feeling stuck in your life, or overwhelmed by a big change that has recently hit you.

If you score around 5 you might be feeling fine about things but there are a few areas with room for growth.

And a score between 5 and 10 might indicate that you have a pretty good relationship with that aspect of change in your life right now.

Take Action

Here are some more about what these scores might mean for you. I've also shared some prompts that you can use for reflection. Treat them as ways into a conversation with yourself. They are not questions to answer and get right, but rather an opportunity to open up a path for greater awareness and understanding of what's going on for you right now.

I would also encourage you to hold Jacob Nordby's prompts close as you unpack some of this stuff. They will help you maintain a gentle hold as you go.

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • What do I need right now?
  • What would I love?
Embrace Change

A score below 5 might indicate that you don't enjoy moving on and find it really tough to prepare for change you know is coming. You might not like thinking about the past and considering what is no longer true for you. And you might look at other people and wish you were able to adapt to new seasons and circumstances as easily as they seem to.

How might you get more comfortable with the present, especially in how it relates to the past? This will help you enjoy reminiscing and remembering things that have been without getting overwhelmed by a desire to go back there.

It starts by knowing that it's OK to feel a deep sense of loss for things that are no longer true. Give yourself permission to look at and grieve those things. If the idea of something meaningful coming to an end is painful, that is pain you need to allow yourself to feel. Be gentle with yourself. Take your time. Don't force it.

Reflection Prompts

  • If I could go back to a particular time in my past and live it again where would I choose?
  • What was it about that time that meant so much to me?
  • What could I do today to celebrate this memory?
  • Where in my current life might there be a possibility to harness the same spirit I had back then?
Instigate Change

A score below 5 might indicate frustration at your present circumstances.

Maybe you hadn't realised how much life has been drifting or stagnating. Or perhaps you know exactly what you want to change but attempts never seem to stick. There might be other people and situations that make creating the change you want more difficult than you'd like.

This might be the perfect opportunity to pause and allow yourself to dream of what could unfold in the next season of life. Give yourself permission to imagine without limits.

We often tell ourselves stories about the possibilities based on past experiences. But we often struggle to instigate change because we have made our goal too big, or we haven't been specific about what it is that needs to change. Instigation is about getting as small, simple, and specific as possible so that the desired direction becomes the way we're facing and moving, even when we have no motivation or willpower.

Reflection Prompts

  • Where do I feel like my life is drifting or stagnating right now?
  • Where might I end up if I don't address this soon?
  • Where would I love to be instead?
  • What would need to happen for that to be true?
  • What is one small action I could take today that would begin my journey in that direction?
Absorb Change

A score below 5 might indicate that you're going through a huge change right now. Perhaps something has recently happened that has thrown life upside down and inside out. Maybe it's an opportunity to be gentle with yourself and just allow yourself to sit with it while you process everything that's happened.

There's no rush to get yourself facing the right way up. Go at your own pace and do whatever you need to do to face one day at a time. Sometimes all we can do is "keep hanging in there".

This score might also suggest that you feel concerned about how well you will be able to cope if something hits you from out of the blue. This might be an opportunity to work on getting things in place so that you are more prepared for the unexpected.

Or it might indicate that you feel ready to come to terms with some big unexpected change but you're feeling stuck. You don't know what to do next. This might be a time to ask the question, "what does this make possible?" And allow yourself to answer freely and honestly. Guilt might come up for you - allow it to pass through and carry on.

Reflection Prompts

  • Where do I need to be patient with myself?
  • What might I be ready to come to terms with?
  • What does this make possible?
  • How will I care for myself as I absorb this change?
  • What would need to happen for me to feel prepared for unexpected future change?

Would you like to explore this in more depth?

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