The Change Quiz

Assess Your Relationship With The 3 Aspects of Change

How's Your Relationship With Change Right Now?

We all follow internal scripts about embracing, instigating, and absorbing change.

The purpose of the quiz is to help you identify which aspect of change might currently be having the biggest impact on your life. I hope it will help raise awareness and provide breathing room around anything that is causing you uncertainty and overwhelm right now.

Embrace Change

Perhaps you feel particularly aware of the shifts through the passage of time, as you move between seasons of life.

We cannot prevent the change that comes from time doing its thing. But we can learn to gently release any anxious resistance we might feel towards it.

Instigate Change

Maybe things feel a bit stagnant right now. Or it seems like you’re drifting along without any sense of direction.

It might not always occur to us that there are things that WE can change in and around our lives to move things in a more desirable direction.

Absorb Change

Change also happens in sudden uncontrollable and unpredictable situations. Maybe you've been hit by some kind of loss. Or perhaps an unexpected gain. A lottery win or an unexpected “yes” that you feel unprepared for.

The Change Quiz

I would encourage you to reflect on the questions as you go. Let them speak to you and allow yourself to notice what you notice along the way.

Once you complete the questions you will receive three scores. One for each area: embracing, instigating, and absorbing change.

I will then share some potential practical steps you could take next.

After you have submitted your responses your results will be emailed to you.