Change 2022

Autumn | September 2022


“When we find a good story and fully give ourselves to it, that story can act through us, breathing new life into everything we do.” – Joanne Macy and Chris Johnstone (Active Hope)

We start this new Haven year with an inhale and ask, what is alive in me right now?

Hold this question through the month. Don’t try to force an answer. Simply invite space to observe, notice, and make a note of anything you see, feel, or hear.

We were thinking about the ‘threat’ of change in life. Particularly the way a fear of failure and/or a fear of success can cause us to hold back from diving into the things we want to accomplish.

We explored the relationship between sensitivity and change. How can we work with our natural wariness and rhythms to ensure change happens in positive ways.

Water and waves teach us about the rhythm of slow and incremental change. We don’t have to wait for a big event or time in the calendar to stimulate a shift – but we can create steady rhythms that allow us to keep growing with inner depth and expansion in the direction we want to choose.

The Change Quiz

What Sort Of Change Are You Facing At The Moment?

Our relationship with change has a bearing on many aspects of our wellbeing.

We’ve all written scripts about embracing, instigating, and absorbing change in our lives. These scripts can serve or sabotage the vision we might have for our lives.

This quiz will help you identify which aspect of change is currently having the biggest impact on your life. So that you can focus on what matters to you most right now. There are 48 questions to help you score each part of your relationship with change, and you will receive a score for: embracing, instigating, and absorbing change. With some simple practical suggestions for what you can do from here.