the café

Share, Connect, and Explore Together

Welcome to The Café.

Our social hub provides different ways for you to engage with like-spirited Havenites around the world.

Connect with other members to view their updates on your personalised timeline

Visit the forum to start and explore deeper meandering discussions.

Join us at one of our live online happenings.

The Café Timeline is a personalised feed that shows you updates from any members and forum conversations you are following.

It's a great place to share updates about what's on your mind and anything that has caught your attention recently.

The Café Forum is where you can start and engage with written conversations. It's ideal if you have a topic, idea, or question that would benefit from longer form replies from the Haven hive mind.

You can return to and build on our slow meandering discussions anytime.

In the Café Community Gallery, you will find a collection of albums containing member uploads of visual materials such as photos, drawings, paintings etc.

Share any creative experiments and encourage others with theirs. Embrace imperfection!

The Café Event Calendar shows you all our upcoming live happenings. We have a mix of regular gatherings and one-off events.

You're welcome to observe and absorb the safe and gentle vibe, whether or not you wish to get actively involved in the discussions.