The idea of "Belonging" is an important aspect of how we relate to ourselves, other people, and the world around us. That's why it's one of our nine core themes in The Haven.

Humans are wired to seek safety and belonging. This drive is core to how we survive as a social species. But what does it mean to belong in a vast and complex global world? And why do so many of us feel out of place and disconnected?

True belonging is an inside job. It starts within as self-acceptance. If we don't learn to belong to ourselves we won't find a feeling of true unconditional belonging anywhere else either.

A Free Workshop for the Overly Empathic (REPLAY)

Over Empathy Workshop New

We develop scripts and strategies from an early age to help meet our innate need for safety and belonging. We respond to the emotional energy in the environment around us, learning quickly what we need to do (and what we shouldn't do or feel) in order to maintain a perception of balance and safety.

Some people might develop over-empathy as a survival strategy. If a person has been exposed to an environment of fluctuating emotional energy, they might have taken on the responsibility of soothing, harmonising, and regulating other peoples' feelings. Relegating and suppressing their own deep needs and emotions.

Meeting our human need for safety and belonging starts within. We can't get there by taking unwarranted responsibility for the emotional energy around us.

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The Haven is a virtual village full of peacefully creative spots to rest, reflect, and dream. There are places to engage, play, and enjoy. And spaces where you are invited to gently come back to who you are in the depth of your being.

Painted Cafe

The Café

Breathe in the cosy aromas of your favourite food and drink, as you join us in the meeting place where it's safe to be who you are.

Have conversations while nurturing deep connections within a spirit of expansion, peace, and playfulness.

Painted Theatre

The Theatre

Sit back and enjoy our latest materials.

You'll discover interviews, performances, and videos from our creative partners. Each month is infused by one of the nine themes that underpin our personal, creative, and collective growth.

Painted Library

The Library

Move through the great candle-lit corridors and dive into the historical galleries of videos, interviews, eBooks, creative projects.

You can easily search the archives, which are curated to assist you on your current quest.


The Fireside

During the summer evenings you'll find me outside by the fire-pit. When the weather turns cold I move inside and get the log fire roaring.

I'll pour you a mug of something tasty as we chat about your big dreams, the challenges you face right now, and life's deep questions.

Blessed are the Weird - Kota

Blessed Are The Weird

“Blessed are the weird people: poets, misfits, writers mystics, painters, troubadours, for they teach us to see the world through different eyes.” - Jacob Nordby

We often seek answers to the question of how to fit in better. But what if it is by embracing the absolute fact that we don't fit where we find the freedom to truly belong?

How might let our weirdness shine brighter in the world? Not to stand out or show off, but as a defiant act of compassion...where onlookers might see something of their own weirdness in us.

We feel a sense of belonging when we realise no one truly fits. There is no "inside". Let's be outsiders together!

Everything is Borrowed - Kota

Everything Is Borrowed

How do you treat something that doesn't belong to you? Do you treat it with more reverence and respect or less?

We are exploring the links between belonging and ownership or possession. How do we hold the things in our lives (people, things, ideas, expectations etc)? How do we allow ourselves to be held?

Do we treat everything through the eyes of ownership or stewardship? What are the implications of these positions?

Recordings of these events are available for Haven members.

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