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Hold The Space

Do you feel free to express your uniquely weird way of seeing the world? Do you have a creative outlet that allows you to be yourself?

Or do you feel a need to hide those parts of yourself? Do you feel like an impostor waiting to be found out?

If so, you're not alone, and I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Many gentle rebels sacrifice their deep personal dreams when they put other peoples’ preferences, demands, and desires first. The empathy, compassion and concern that makes them who they are, can actually lead them away from what truly matters most.

  • Are you ready for some support as you discover what you truly want from life? 
  • Is it time to answer that intuitive nudge that tells you there is something remarkable waiting for you?
  • Do you want someone with you as you take that next step into the unknown?

I specialise in supporting introverts, deeply sensitive people, and creative “misfits“. Gentle rebels who long to create a life that fits who they are, but sometimes struggle to know what that looks like for them.

What if the way things ARE didn’t have to dictate how things will continue to be?

Working together, we will wander (and sometimes wade) through the sludge that holds you down. The stagnant ruts, expectations from other people, and stories about what you “should” be, do, or desire.

Before you know it, your feet rise above that boggy ground. Your spirit will feel lighter. And you’ll be running with deep intention and hopefulness towards a life you can’t help but fall in love with.

  • As we work together you will become aware of and connected to your deepest values.
  • You’ll relinquish and reframe the beliefs you hold about who you are and what you’re capable of.
  • You’ll begin doing more of what truly matters to YOU, less (and eventually none) of what doesn’t.
  • And this will give you an ever deepening sense of who you truly are, in a world that hasn’t always allowed or encouraged you to be you.

Regardless of how old you are or where you’ve been up to now. This is not the end of the story!

However you're feeling about this stuff right now, Hold The Space is a bespoke Fireside slow coaching program designed to support you as you connect with your unique and weird inner core. You'll get clear on exactly what you need right now so you can begin making simple steps with small and immediate wins.

What Next?

The modern world is fuelled by urgency and a demand for instant results. But when we subscribe to this pace of life we risk rushing our decisions about important things. This can lead to regret, frustration, and stagnation.

My Fireside Slow Coaching approach is built around openness, abundance, and patience. By inviting a spirit of curiosity you can begin to grow deep roots in meaningful areas. And as we take time to really explore the possibilities, you will understand your core values and take steps that reflect YOUR genuine desire for life.

Many introverts and deeply sensitive people spend a lot of time and energy serving others. But at the Fireside I gently encourage you to plug in to your own desires, needs, and challenges. We make space for you to be YOU. This is your place of pause, rest, and reflection.

It's Your Choice...

Engagement in The Fireside Program Happens In One of Two Ways:

3 Deep Cycles

This has proved a great option for introverts and those who prefer to process things deeply over time. It's perfect if you find yourself thinking afterwards about what you wish you'd said during a conversation.

How each cycle works:

One to One Call (we start with a live 45-60 minute conversation to talk about what's going on for you and the things you would like to focus on in the coming weeks)

Questions (informed by our conversation, I will send you some questions to reflect on and respond to in your own time)

Responses (you send your responses/reflections back to me by email or in a voice note)

Video (I go through your responses and share my thoughts, reflections, and questions through a personal video message - this will help review the cycle and open up space for the next one to start)

Repeat (we will have another live call as we start the next cycle and at the end we will review what has happened during our work together)

6 Live Calls

This if for those who are motivated by consistent in-person calls. People who focus, engage, and are energised by a live conversation. Perfect if you like an external sounding board to provide a feeling of accountability and instant feedback as you explore ideas.

This gives us 6 One-to-One calls (45-60 minutes), which I typically recommend booking every 2-4 weeks in order to maintain momentum.

Neither approach is better than the other. The "right" one is the one that suits you as an individual at this time. As we get to know each other better, our working rhythm will organically evolve and intentionally adapt so that the partnership is uniquely effective for you and your objectives.

You can pick your preferred way of engaging when you create your Haven Fireside Account. But if after our first conversation you feel that the other option would be best for you, we can easily change lanes. So don't worry!

Both options include full access to bonus tools, exercises, and videos in the Fireside Vault, and they are the same price.

Coaching Accreditations

Are You Ready To Start?

If this sounds good to you, sign up today. If you have questions or would like to chat with me about the options, please send a message below. I will get back to you soon!

As a Fireside Program Member You Also Get:

6 Months Full Access To The Haven Membership and Exclusive Fireside Vault (with extra tools, exercises, videos, and resources to help you on your way)

After your payment goes through, you'll be redirected back here where you can create your Haven account. You'll be able to start exploring right away.

I will be in touch soon after you join to arrange our first call so we can get you going! I really look forward to working alongside you in the coming weeks and months. There are some exciting times ahead!

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