Art That Makes You Think (with Ben Cowan)

Andy Mort and Ben Cowan

I sit down with artist Ben Cowan who kindly invited me into his kitchen for a chat about “Art That Makes You Think”. Through his visual satire, Ben adds dark and comedic twists to many of the familiar logos, brands, and packaging that have become part of our cultural furniture.

I first encountered Ben earlier this year at the Spark-Ignite symposium at the Royal Spa Centre in Leamington. He appeared on a panel called “Creativity Against The Odds” and shared his fascinating artist origin story. His philosophical outlook grabbed my attention, so I was keen to follow up and invite him onto the podcast.

We discuss:

  • The relationship between art and thought – what is “art that makes you think”?
  • The role art plays in exploring ‘the good life’
  • Our cultural and creative “elders” (figures who have had a profound long-term influence on us as artists and human beings)
  • AI, creativity, and human connection
  • Doppelgangers – Naomi Klein’s book about the Mirror World
  • The artist in each of us – the difference between the commercially viable self and the creatively curious self…is it possible to encounter ourselves outside of the capitalist system?

Join The Conversation

  • Who are YOUR creative and cultural elders (artists/authors/thinkers who shaped your view of the world growing up)?
  • What does the phrase “art that makes you think” mean to you?

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