Adapting To Horizons [Fireside Prompt]

Humans are good at adapting to new situations. Adaption is part of survival strategy, keeping us creatively aware of how to meet basic needs with available resources and environments. Like many successful human characteristics, our ability to adapt is a double-edged sword. We might settle for and accept situations, behaviours, and possibilities that are less than ideal without realising other options exist.

This is a creative prompt aimed at seeing how aspects of life can gradually drift and leave us feeling stuck. Give it a go if you’re struggling to find a way through or beyond an ongoing challenge or stagnant life situation.

Your exploration could be about a specific situation that you’re in right now. Or, if that feels too much, you can use your imagination to make something up. Getting your creative juices going will still have great value at different levels of processing.

This prompt can help by:

  • Raising awareness of areas where you might drift or become stuck (where are you adapting?)
  • Seeing new possibilities in the face of adversity
  • Identifying options that hadn’t felt possible before
  • Building confidence in the face of potential resistance

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