About The Team

<b>Tuula Ahde </b>| Finland<br>Assistant Co-ordinator and Sous Chef

Tuula Ahde | Assistant Coordinator and Sous Chef

Tuula is a human cocktail of empathy, insecurity, bubbling creativity, imagination, intuition, overthinking and overdoing. "So much spirit packed in a physical vessel that it struggles to keep her properly contained”, as Andy has described her. She loves learning, mystic souls, deep voices, Andy’s music, lyrical photography, details, pondering, creative projects, writing letters, accidental coaching conversations, and witty humour.

She speaks Finnish, but struggles to write it. She writes in English, but struggles to speak it. She lives in two places: by the sea in southern Finland very near Helsinki, and in a lake-side cottage on the outskirts of a national park in central Finland.

By day you'll find her on the sofa, lost inside her laptop. By night you'll find her skinny-dipping beneath the midnight sun, or during the winter, taking ice photography and admiring the moon and the Northern Lights.

Tuula is a true multipotentialite, driven by and towards much more than any label could define. Among other things, she has studied social sciences, languages, graphic-design, marketing, psychology, massage, interior and garden design. An interest in human nature has always played a big part of her life. By virtue of her deep sensitivity and empathic listening, many have benefited from her intuitive coaching and mentoring. She is the founder of the Erityisherkän elämää (Highly Sensitive Living); a free resource website and online courses for HSPs. And she created Photoyoga, a concept which encourages the development of creative awareness and self-knowledge through photography.

You can find her on instagram, twitter, facebook.

Tuula has been a member of The Haven since it started, and followed Andy's gentle journey of growth and flourishing over the years. She describes it as her soul's home. It's a place of memories, personal growth, friends, love, and music.

You will always find her nearby as a kind and gentle spirit, waiting to welcome you home.