About The Team


Lindsay-Celeste Graf | Creative Partner

Lindsay-Celeste is an eclectic creative in her mid-thirties. She lives on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada, and loves the variety of outdoor beauty and exploration available in her hometown.  She has lived in various "alternative" living scenarios, including an off-grid cabin, a sailboat, a mountain remote homestead and now a small trailer-house.

She is passionate about designing a lifestyle that allows for lots of flow, exploration and creativity.  Her past includes studies in religion, sociology and art.  She has worked with a spiritual community to draw together Christian and Pagan practices into peaceful earth-honouring ceremonies.  She is passionate about the skills involved in community building cooperation, and believes the process of working together is as important as any product.

Currently, her artistic expressions include: collage, poetry, textile creations and home design.  She is fascinated by the intersection of spirit with the physical world, and works to bring more awareness, ease, and delight to this integration.  She loves country music, skinny-dipping, mangoes and twilight.

You can learn more about her through her regular podcast: Magic for Realists and connect on instagram @magicforrealists

She resonates with Andy and the Gentle Rebel ethos, and is excited to bring her playfulness, creativity, and ways of seeing and making sense of the world to the community.

You'll see and hear from her in and around the community discussing the monthly themes with Andy.