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<b>Kendra Patterson </b>| USA<br>Creative Partner

Kendra Patterson | Creative Partner

Kendra could never figure out if she is an intellectual or a creative, and for many years split her life between the two. She loved learning and research, and got a PhD in political science, but she also loved writing fiction, and amassed a collection of short stories and half-finished novels.

After getting burned out trying to make her life work on these two separate tracks, she realized it was time to combine them. She started blog (kendrapatterson.com) and a podcast called Stepping Off Now, where she writes and speaks about how to thrive as a sensitive, curious creative in a world that makes it difficult to stray from conventional paths.

While she was pursuing her education and creative writing, Kendra spent many years living overseas, in Italy, China, Japan, and Australia. When she returned to the States she held a number of interesting jobs, including at an internet startup, a retirement home, and a Washington, DC think tank. She eventually found her way to Gainesville, Florida, where she stayed on after getting her PhD at the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

She lives in a small bungalow named Honeysuckle Cottage with her family, which includes two dogs, one cat, and six chickens. She enjoys writing, researching, podcasting, coaching other sensitive creatives, backyard homesteading, reading, baking sourdough, and being lazy and wasting time on purpose as an anti-capitalist rebellion.

Kendra finally finished a novel and will be seeking publication for it over the next year, be it traditional or self-publication. She is sharing her journey in the Haven, where she is also on hand to support and guide other writers in the community.

Follow her on Instagram @steppingoffnow and Twitter @patterskendra