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<b>Andy Mort</b> | UK<br>Founder and Creative Co-ordinator

Andy Mort | Founder

Andy created The Haven in 2014 as a private annex connected to his blog, where he invited introverted and sensitive people to explore more of who they are as creative gentle rebels. He is a songwriter, professionally qualified life coach, and multipotentialite who's life is shaped by a diverse and disparate set of interests, endeavors, and explorations.

He has a way of stumbling into projects and roles. His approach to life could be described as one of curiosity, experimentation, and odd playfulness. Early in 2014 he strolled by a funeral home, next to which a gaggle of undertakers (four) were disembarking a hearse. He wondered how on earth one ends up in such a line of work. Of course he didn't ask out loud because he was too scared. But when he saw the position of 'funeral services operative' advertised a few months later he decided to see for himself. Roll the tape on and he has more than a few rather interesting stories to tell from his 6 years working as an undertaker.

Many of Andy's transitions through life have been carried by the thought "that would be a funny, unexpected, or strange thing to do". As a 'recovering' (but still active) people-pleaser, the motive for him to do the weird thing has always been in conflict with the desire to do the "normal thing"...odd usually wins out.

As a child he wanted to be a rock star, a footballer, a painter, a writer, a builder (specifically a digger driver), and a shop keeper. And he spent a lot of time inside his head, creating elaborate imaginative worlds to explore. He has fond memories of painting and cross-stitching with his late grandparents, and still laments the decision to throw away the evidence of his passion for sewing during a moment of deep shame.

After creating The Return to Serenity Island course (inspiration for which goes to Hook and the Famous Five, among other things), Andy has reconnected with creative remnants of his childhood, including his watercolours. Perhaps the cross-stitch will return one day soon. He loves playing with his three nephews, bending his mind with philosophy, and watching Twin Peaks.

He loves helping other people connect with their creativity and play, and really enjoys hanging out in The Haven and making a bit of a fool of himself (which he seems to do quite a lot).

You can listen to Andy's music here: https://music.andymort.com/