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The doors to The Haven are currently closed. You can reserve your spot so that you'll be invited to join as soon as they re-open.

  • Does this sound like you?

    ​- You’ve read articles and watched videos and tick yes to almost all the boxes on the self-tests, validating the apparent truth you are in fact an introvert or a highly sensitive person

    - Before you made this discovery you thought there was something wrong with you because there are aspects of the extrovert-centric world that don’t sit comfortably

    - Maybe you were have spent your life believing and reinforcing the stories you were told growing up that you were “too quiet”, “too sensitive”, or at times “living in a fantasy world”

    - You’ve had the amazing ‘aha! moment’ when you realised that you ticked many of the boxes on the tests, but now you’re left wondering what to do next

There’s Another Step to Take

Discovering this truth about who you are (your temperament) is just the first part. The most important thing now is to ask ‘so what?’ How can you use this information to actually positively transform your life so that you can thrive and flourish as the person you have always had bubbling away beneath the surface?

What if I was to tell you that in my search for an answer to this question I actually ended up developing one? That’s right:

  • - A single place that brings together introverted and highly sensitive experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries to consistently deliver inspiration, encouragement and confidence to the rest of us.

    - Proven practical exercises, support, and resources delivered digitally by people from all over the world, so that you don’t have to keep working everything out on your own.

    - Brand new ways of thinking about the way we engage with the world in areas such as relationships, work, business, creativity, education, etc that make sense to us as individuals rather than simply being ‘the way we do things’.

  • Just A Few Minutes a Week

    The Haven is an exclusive membership area on Sheep Dressed Like Wolves completely dedicated to providing introverted and highly sensitive people just like you with a place to learn and understand more about who we really are.

    It’s better than a course: you can consume an ever-growing pool of amazing content at your own pace with the reassurance that there are always people there to help and support you if and when you need it.

    It’s the best of both worlds because you have the unique opportunity to influence and shape the direction of the monthly themes so that it always remains relevant to where you are at.

    If you can access the internet for 10 minutes a week then you really can free yourself of the extrovert-ideals and live in harmony with the sheer joy of what it means to be an introvert or highly sensitive person.


Four Unique and Exclusive Ways to Get the Inspiration, Support, and Encouragement Your Gentle Ambition Deserves to Be Fed With:

    From a Wide Variety of Experts Discover:

    - Secrets to building a relationship with yourself that brings peace and calm to yourself and the world around you

    - Insights and tools to help you achieve your goals, find work that matters, and learn fresh perspectives and ideas for us to experiment with at a pace that suits us

    -The inspiring success stories of people like us who have pushed themselves to do what they dream of doing despite fear, anxiety, and what some might perceive as limitations

    An opportunity to contribute creative work to a variety of collaborative projects:

    - e-books to help other introverts and highly sensitive people learn more about specific aspects of their temperament

    - Meditative videos for members to use when they need to take moment of zen in a busy and chaotic day

    - Lists of resources that are encouraging us to do more of what we want to do ‘How-to’ and informational cheat sheets to help members have a go at something new


    This is where the community side of the Haven happens. We share resources, ask questions, and support one another in a really safe and protective space. Whatever it is you want help with you can ask without feeling any sense of judgement from members.

    A video and audio podcast where I candidly unpack my own experience and response to situations we experience in every day life:

    - Why you should see your energy in the same way as you see the money in your bank

    - What never to say to yourself when you’re feeling fearful or anxious

    - Techniques to help you stop feeling like an impostor the next time you’re in a new situation

    - How to embrace your introversion/sensitivity so that you are bursting with life, doing fulfilling work that you actually care about, with less anxiety about your relationships, time, and the future

    A useful, concise summary of the main discussions, interview take-aways and themes explored in the month’s content:

    - Learn About The Overwhelming Impact of Three Extrovert-Ideals on Introverts and HSPs

    - Find out about the single most effective, rewarding, and profitable way to honour your diverse collection of interests so that you don’t have to stop pursuing any of them

    - How to connect with creative introverts/HSPs who are going through the same life-changing process, discovering the wonderfully liberating truth of what it means to truly become who they are in a world that is finally beginning to feel like home

    - What to do when you feel anxious about speaking in public and the best way to do it anyway

  • 24/7 SUPPORT

    I always endeavour to respond within 24 hours to all queries, questions, or requests for help.

  • “This site is one of those fantastic things that I have come across. As soon as I saw videos of Andy I knew this place was for me. I have been thrilled by all the interviews and new material displayed very neatly every month. I have discovered inspiring people and different ways of living, more in tune of how I feel I am.”
  • Brenda Knowles
    “I look forward to each month’s topics and how they will enhance my career and way of being in the world. What an incredible resource!!”
    Brenda Knowles
  • Joanna James-Lynn
    “Sheep Dressed Like Wolves provides a safe space for quiet rebels to learn how to take care of themselves, excel in their own way, and feel understood and accepted by people just like them. It’s perfect for the quietly ambitious!”
    Joanna James-Lynn
  • Tuula Ahde
    "The Haven is an amazing, constantly evolving resource to help us make the most of our introverted and sensitive creativity. Andy's authenticity, generosity in giving credit to others as well as his fresh and insightful thoughts has generated a great place for sharing. In The Haven I began to find the right questions for me and I am positively addicted to this supporting community of creative, fun and goodhearted people."
    Tuula Ahde

"You have discovered your tribe"

  • Kaitlyn Mirison (An Artist's Pillars)
    "The depth of Andy's wisdom continues to amaze me. He expands on his wisdom in true artist style with the people he invites to share of their experience for you to learn in a way that inspires and gives you a sense that you have discovered your tribe."
    Kaitlyn Mirison (An Artist's Pillars)

"There are others just like you, who totally 'GET' you!"

  • Douglas Eby (the Talent Develop sites, including Highly Sensitive and Creative)
    “In the years of publishing on issues that affect us as creative people, one of the themes I see in comments on my posts is that people are reassured to find there are others like themselves, and who "get" them. The Haven provides that sense of community in a dynamic way, with discussions among members, plus unique resources such as interviews, to support our growth as introverted and highly sensitive creators.”
    Douglas Eby (the Talent Develop sites, including Highly Sensitive and Creative)

A Drip Feed for Your Long-Term Growth

The Reality of Meaningful Change However much we would like to see overnight success and instant transformation we all know that true and meaningful change can take time. The Haven is an ongoing drip feed with the aim of gently immersing members with a rich variety of content that speaks deeply and contributes to a gradual, deep and foundational change.

  • Soak in the voices of other people who ‘get it’, on your own terms, at the pace you want, the way you want
  • The opportunity to view and engage with content that’s relevant and personally inspiring to you
  • Inspiration and encouragement you need when you feel alone and like giving up
  • I share many of my own strategies, exercises, and tools that I have learned in my life as a multipotentialite, performing songwriter, and portfolio introverted and highly sensitive creative person

We may not notice it happening but if we expose ourselves to ideas and voices that speak to us at our soul’s level we will shake the very foundations of what we believe ourselves to be capable of achieving and being.

The doors to The Haven are currently closed. You can reserve your spot so that you'll be informed as soon as they re-open.